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Space is a means of production speaks with Dr. Juliet Schor

Professor Juliet Schor is an economist and sociologist at Boston College. She researches work, consumption, and the climate crisis. She has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Massachusetts. Before joining Boston College, she taught for 17 years at Harvard University in the Department of Economics and in the Committee on Women Studies. She is a winner of the Leontief Prize in 2006 for expanding the frontiers of economics and a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient. She is a founder of the Center for the New American Dream and Co-Chair of the Better Future Project. She has also served as a consultant to the United Nations, UNU-WIDER and the UNDP.

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She is also the author of Born to Buy, The Overworked American,The Overspent American, and Plentitude. Please check out her lecture series [ECO]nomics.

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